4 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Relieve Neck Pain

Do you experience neck pain? I don’t know about you, but I definitely do. Sometimes I’ll wake up with neck pain and know that I just did something wrong when I was sleeping. Fortunately, yoga is a great way to fix neck pain issues.

Neck pain is something that can really slow you down throughout your day. Every little turn you make with your head seems to be that much harder. There’s no way you’re going to turn your head as quickly as you usually do.

It’s little things like this that keep you from doing as much as you want to on any given day.

Would you like to get rid of this pain as fast as possible? Of course, you do. Nobody wants to have nagging neck pain that stays around for an entire day.

Below are yoga poses that will help ease any pain you may be feeling in your neck. Although it may not get rid of all the pain in your neck, it will definitely put on the path to having a normal feeling again.

4 Great Yoga Poses to Relieve Neck Pain

As with any yoga poses, don’t push yourself so far you end up hurting yourself further. If you’re also experiencing back pain then check out these yoga poses for lower back pain.

1. Cat to Cow Pose

This pose will work on lengthening your spine but when you get the full range of motion, you will feel the stretch in your neck as well.

The work is being done throughout your entire spine, from top to bottom.

Cat to Cow pose isn’t focusing solely on your spine, but most of your upper body. Yes, the main focus is on your neck, but a lot of muscles in your upper body are getting a proper stretch that is necessary as well.

2. Child’s Pose

If you haven’t read any of our other yoga posts that talks about child’s pose, you’ll quickly learn that this pose is one of the most fundamental ones when it comes to yoga.

Child’s pose has so many benefits. You are able to stretch basically every muscle from your hips up through the top of your spine. This is why it is so effective in helping with your neck pain.

3. Thread the Needle (On Knees)

In other articles that we’ve written, you’ll notice that this pose looks different. This is because in those other articles it’s done on your back.

This version of thread the needle is done while you’re on your knees. This slight variation allows you to open up your shoulders more, which in turn, will allow you to get a deeper stretch in your neck.

It’s important to ease into this pose when you already have neck pain because you could easily make the pain worse if you try to get into it quickly.

It takes patience to get into this pose. When you have patience, you’ll be able to get deeper in the stretch and help the pain go away that much faster.

4. Dolphin Pose

The dolphin pose is designed to really stretch your shoulders and when you push your head down while doing the pose, you’ll give your neck a deep stretch.

You can say this is a variation of the downward dog pose. It’s vital that you keep your heels and elbows on the ground so that you can get the full effects of the stretch. If you can’t keep your heels on the ground, then come up on your toes. It’s more important that you have your elbows on the ground so you can get a better stretch of your neck since that is what is currently causing you pain.

Pain Be Gone

Neck pain is definitely a hassle. You can probably work through this pain but it slows you down significantly.

It can make the most simple of tasks seem ten times harder than they should be.

The poses listed above are going to loosen the muscles that are surrounding your neck. They aren’t necessarily directly targeting your neck. When you can loosen the muscles around your neck, it’s going to directly affect how your neck feels.

The pain will slowly dissipate and you can go about your day as if you had no pain at all.