9 Minute Full Body Strengthening Yoga Workout

You don’t have to go to the gym and lift heavy weights to strengthen your body.

Yoga is great for strengthening your body without gaining all the muscle mass you can get from lifting weights.

You can greatly increase your flexibility while becoming stronger than you ever have. You may not realize how strong you have to be for some yoga poses, but with this workout, you can quickly find out.

Body Strengthening Yoga Sequence

Here is the yoga workout you need to do if you’re planning on getting much stronger:

  • High Plank – 60 seconds
  • Downward Facing Dog – 60 seconds
  • High Lunge (Right) – 60 seconds
  • High Lunge (Left) – 60 seconds
  • Triangle Pose (Right) – 60 seconds
  • Triangle Pose (Left) – 60 seconds
  • Warrior III (Right) – 60 seconds
  • Warrior III (Left) – 60 seconds
  • Garland Pose – 60 seconds

Do the poses to the best of your ability.

This workout may only be 9 minutes, but it’s 9 minutes of continuous work. Push through the burn you will feel and you’ll end up okay in the end.

High Plank

The perfect pose to achieve a strong core.

Planks are done a lot during regular workouts because of the benefits they provide.

Yes, they are mostly working your core, but you will be working your arms and back as well.

A strong core lays a great foundation for anybody that is trying to start a yoga journey. It will allow you to do more when it comes to poses that require much more strength and less flexibility.

Downward Facing Dog

By elongating your back and having your heels glued to the ground, you’ll be greatly strengthening your hamstrings and calves.

Having strong hamstrings will lead to less back pain. Adding the flexibility you’ll be getting from this pose will only make things better for your back.

High Lunge

The high lunge is going to open your hips and groin while making your quads and hamstrings much stronger.

It takes a lot of strength to hold this position so if you can’t hold it for 60 seconds, that’s okay. Come out of it for a second then go back into the pose as fast as possible. Over time, it’ll get easier to hold the pose and sink deeper into it.

Triangle Pose

This pose may not seem as though it’s going to help strengthen any part of your body. It’s going to feel like a normal stretch.

When this is done properly, you will be strengthening your hips while opening up your groin. For people that are very active and like to run a lot, having strong hips is going to help you have less injuries. You’ll also be able to have better performances in physical activities.

Warrior III

Warrior III requires a lot of core and leg strength. If you want to properly hold this position, you need to force your muscles to work in sync while maintaining your balance, which ay be the hardest thing to do during this pose.

You’ll be stretching your leg muscles. The stronger your legs become, the better equipped you’ll feel to take your skills to more advanced yoga poses.

Garland Pose

This may seem like one of the simplest poses that you can do.

You’re really going to open up your groins and hips doing this pose. You’ll also be able to tone your stomach as well.

Think of this pose as holding a very deep squat. It allows you to hone your energy and really find your zen.