8 Great Yoga Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain Before Bed

Stretch the Pain Away

You’ve had a long day at work. Either you’ve been sitting down at your desk all day at your 9-5 or you’ve been on your feet for an almost unreasonable amount of time.

Whatever you’ve been doing all day, you probably feel some kind of pain in your lower back.

Sitting down all day will cause your hamstrings to get tight. Tight hamstrings are one of the leading reasons for lower back pain. Not many people understand that their hamstrings have a connection with how their back is functioning.

When you’re on your feet all day, you are putting a lot of pressure and tension on your lower back. This only builds up over an extended period of time.

After this long day of working and putting so much strain on your back, you probably can’t wait to lay down in bed and just relax. This doesn’t do anything about your back pain though. What should you do about that?

Below are going to be a few yoga poses that you can do before going to sleep that’ll help with that lower back pain. The best part? You won’t have to move out of the comfort of your bed to do these poses. Your bed can act as your yoga mat when you do any of these poses.

Each pose that is listed is relatively simple and shouldn’t be too difficult to do. This is nice because it won’t cause you to strain too much or hurt yourself.

Yoga Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain Before Bed

A word of warning, you might want to do these stretches alone in bed. You don’t want to accidentally knock someone out with your flexibility.

1. Knee Hugs

This is exactly how it sounds. You grab your knee, hug it, and try to pull it as close to your chest as possible.

Knee hugs are a great way to start opening your back immediately.

If you aren’t the most flexible person around, this is the pose you want to be doing because as long as you can lift your legs up slightly, you’ll be able to relieve some lower back pain.

2. Thread the Needle

You can say this is a variation of knees hugs that allows you to get a much deeper stretch to help not only your lower back, but your hamstrings and glutes as well.

Thread the needle to release a lot of tension in your back and increase flexibility in your hamstrings. We all should know by now how important that is when you want to decrease any amount of back pain you may be having.

3. Gentle Bridge

With this pose, you may not feel a lot of stretching going on, but it will help your back. You’ll be able to release a lot of tension in it.

The slight bend of your back will happen in your lower back, giving it the small stretch it needs.

All of this is happening while your hamstrings are being strengthened. Again with the hamstrings. If they are stronger, the pain you have in your lower back will decrease as well.

4. Knee Sway

The knee sway will stretch the outside of your glutes and loosen up your back. You will also be giving the outside of your hamstrings a nice stretch as well. It’s important to try and get all target areas stretched. You don’t have to get a deep stretch in every area, but getting something done can only help.

The deeper you’re able to go into a stretch, the better it will be for you. However, for those of you that aren’t the most flexible people, it’s important to not strain yourself too much. You want the stretching to be comfortable and if you push yourself too far, you’re going to cause yourself a lot of problems.

5. Bound Angle Pose

Over time this pose will become a lot easier. You are supposed to have the bottom’s of your feet touching with this pose, but if you can’t, just get them as close as possible before leaning into it.

You also want to try and get your knees as close to the ground as possible. Again, for beginners you aren’t going to get as deep as you initially thought, but the more you work on this pose, the better you’ll get.

6. Child’s Pose

One of the most fundamental poses in yoga, the child’s pose is great for your lower back. Not only does it open up your back, it puts you in a deeper state of relaxation.

The second you sink into the pose, you will feel the benefits of it immediately. This is one of those poses that you will always go back to just because of how it makes you feel. It just so happens to have the benefits of relieving any lower back pain you may be having.

7. Pigeon Pose

Out of all the poses on this list, the pigeon pose may be one of the more difficult ones.

It takes a decent amount of flexibility to fully sink into this pose, but once you are able to do this, you will experience a good number of benefits. You will be opening up your hips, hip flexors, and lower back.

Everything this pose stretches is connected to lower back pain in some way so the more you can loosen these areas up, the less likely you are to have back pain.

8. Supine Spinal Twist

This final pose is one that will feel like such a relief. When you take a deep breath and exhale into the pose, you will feel the tension in your back almost float away.

This pose is similar to the knee sway but you keep your legs together with the spinal twist. You are getting the same stretch as you would with the knee sway but you are forcing your legs to get more of a stretch.

The knee sway is a good warm up for the spinal twist.

Release the Tension

Most of us will have back pain at some point in our lifetime. It’s important to do what you can to ease that pain as much as possible because too many people allow back pain to slow them down on a daily basis. Their problem is that they don’t take care of the problem and they just keep pushing through the pain.

The pain doesn’t have to be there. All it takes is some yoga. Flexibility will take away a lot of the pain you are experiencing in all areas of your body.

I’m not saying you should do all of the poses that are listed, but you should try all of them. Try them and experience the benefits.

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