8 Heavenly Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed


Depending on who you talk to it can be either the greatest thing in the world or something that bores the hell out of you.

We like to take the middle ground. While we aren’t active yogis we do understand the benefits of yoga and make sure to find ways to incorporate it into our weekly routines.

Yoga is something that everyone should start incorporating into their lives. It’s a relaxing experience that can put you in the right state of mind.

If you are struggling with your flexibility, yoga will be great for you. Increased flexibility has a lot of benefits for your body.

When you go about any workout, your risk of a muscular injury decreases significantly. No more worrying about a muscle pull or strain. Your muscle will be used to stretching themselves to a point that may be dangerous to a lot of other people.

Yoga activates all muscles in your body. When you are able to do this you boost your immune system, help get rid of toxins in your body, wake up your body, and just be in a better mood.

Some people tend to believe that yoga requires a yoga mat, studio, and some incense, but that isn’t totally true. Because yoga doesn’t require any type of equipment (yoga mats help, but aren’t necessary most of the time) you can find a spot to do it whenever you have a short break.

One of our favorite places to be is in bed. Besides the two main obvious reasons (if we have to mention them then you aren’t using your bed correctly) another great use of your bed is for yoga.

Your bed is soft and mentally is the place you usually check out. That makes it the perfect spot for yoga.

Below you will find a yoga routine that you can do in bed. If you end up hurting yourself or pulling a muscle you don’t have to go anywhere because you are already in the spot where you lay down.

How awesome is that?!

The Workout

  • Wide-legged Child’s Pose – 30 seconds
  • Cat to Cow Pose – 1 minute
  • Seated Forward Fold – 30 seconds
  • Supine Spinal Twist – 30 seconds each side
  • Fish Pose – 30 seconds
  • Happy Baby Pose – 1 minute
  • Pigeon Pose – 90 seconds each side
  • Seated Pose – 3 minutes

Wide-legged Child’s Pose

With any child’s pose, you are benefitting your digestive system. The way your stomach is resting when you are in this pose massages the internal organs in that area. Relaxing your stomach and intestines will improve your digestion.

This pose also helps elongate your lower back. A lot of people have lower back issues. This is because they are either seated all day and don’t allow their back to stretch at all or their hamstrings are weak and tight putting more pressure on your lower back. This pose will help relieve some pain that you may be feeling in this area.

The relaxing state you’ll slip into with this pose will force you to remember how nice it is to be in that state of mind. You will relieve a lot of stress.

Cat to Cow Pose

This pose greatly improves your posture and balance. If you are a sloucher, like most people, this pose will help you stand straighter, thus improving your spinal health.

You will also be loosening and stretching your neck. Having a weak neck can be very dangerous because the slightest movement could cause serious damage to your health.

Like the wide-legged child’s pose, this pose will also massage the organs around your stomach. Your digestive system will start to get healthier by the second. Since you are continuously moving between two poses instead of holding one pose, you will be massaging your organs gently for the duration of the poses.

Seated Forward Fold

With this pose, you will be stretching your hamstrings, spine, shoulders, and your lower back.

For the ladies out there, this stretch has been known to help relieve symptoms of menstrual discomfort.

For males, it has been said that this pose can help reverse inguinal hernias. That is a lot of pain relief right off the bat.

When you take a deep breath easing into this pose, you will become more and more relaxed which will help you get more of a stretch in your lower back and hamstrings.

This pose will also help stimulate some organs such as your liver and kidneys.

Supine Spinal Twist

This pose may feel the best for your back. You will be stretching areas you may have never stretched before. It tends to be something new and something new almost always feels good, right?

This is a great pose that stretches your back and your glutes while massaging your hips. It also helps opening up your shoulders if they happen to be tight.

Something to keep in mind about this pose is that it helps realign your back. Some back pain you have may be due to the fact that your back is slightly off center. This pose helps get your spine back in alignment with the rest of your body.

Fish Pose

This pose is great for stretching the front side of your body. From your throat all the way through to your lower abdomen.

It helps to strengthen your upper back and neck which helps improve your spinal flexibility.

This pose does a great job of opening up your lungs allowing for your breathing to improve. If you asthmatic, this pose can help relieve some of the symptoms you may get from time to time.

Reducing fatigue and increasing energy is another positive that you will be able to take away from this pose. Holding this pose for too long, however, can cause quite a bit of discomfort.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy baby pose looks just like it sounds. If you’ve ever seen a baby grab both of its feet and rock back and forth, then you already know how this pose is supposed to be done.

It releases your lower back causing it to relax while at the same time giving it the stretch that it needs. You will also be opening up your hamstrings, hips, and glutes doing this pose.

Your fatigue will decrease while doing this pose and this will allow your brain to be more focused on other tasks at hand. When you can alleviate some fatigue, you will be sharper in your thinking and with your actions.

Pigeon Pose

This will be the best pose for tight glutes. You are able to stretch your entire glute with this pose.

For those of you that have frequent sciatic nerve pain, this pose will help relieve some of that pain. It targets this area and when performed correctly, you will feel the relief almost immediately.

While doing all of this, you will also be getting stimulation of your internal organs (the benefits of which include better digestion and a boost in your immune system).

If you happen to be having any urinary problems, the pigeon pose is one that can help you fix these problems. It may not fix the problem 100%, but it will definitely have you heading in the right direction.

Seated Pose

Maybe the simplest pose that you will do. This pose helps with your posture and gets your mind and body centered.

You will be able to relieve stress since this pose requires some deep breathing.

Some pain and anxiety will be alleviated. Stress will be reduced as well.

Your entire being will almost be unified when you are in this pose.

Look at the first 90 seconds of this video for the seated pose.


Yoga is both a physical and mental experience that helps you in multiple ways when done correctly. The benefits of yoga definitely outweigh some of the pain you may feel if you are a beginner that is doing these poses for the first time.

You may feel as though you are in a better place when you can do these poses and relax like you are supposed to.