How to Get Better Sleep With Yoga: 3 Minute Routine

Sleep Like a Baby by Bending Like Gumby

In a life where you may always be on the move and not be able to find much time for yourself, things can get pretty stressful. This can lead to you not being able to get much sleep, or at least not a good night’s sleep.

Everyone wants to have a full nights sleep where they aren’t waking up every couple hours for no reason. That is where this yoga sequence will come into play.

It may not fix your sleeping problems immediately, but it will be a slow progression that helps if you do it every single day before bed. You will get your body in a relaxed state and will have much less stress so your mind will be at ease.

Here is the yoga sequence:

  • Hero Pose – 20 seconds
  • Child’s Pose – 20 seconds
  • Downward Dog – 20 seconds
  • Camel Pose – 20 seconds
  • Butterfly Fold – 20 seconds
  • Supine Twist – 20 seconds
  • Bridge – 20 seconds
  • Knee to Chest – 20 seconds
  • Corpse Pose – 20 seconds

3 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep

As usual, the goal isn’t to pull a muscle or rip a tendon.

Take your time with these poses and if you feel too much strain then pull out.

Hero Pose

You probably won’t be feeling like a hero during this pose, but it will give you a good stretch in your knees and quads along with opening up your chest.

When you sit back into the pose, you will really start to feel the stretch. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, just relax your muscles and the pain will stat to go away.

Child’s Pose

One of the most fundamental poses in yoga, the child’s pose will help your body relax in a hurry.

Opening up your hips and stretching your lower back, child’s pose can relieve that little bit of pain you may have developed throughout the day in your back.

Relieving pain in certain areas is going to reduce stress as well. When you aren’t as stressed, you are going to be able to get better sleep.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is going to release your hamstrings and lower back. By that I mean it is going to extend and stretch them. You will be surprised at how refreshing this pose feels when you are done with it.

Camel Pose

The camel pose serves to open up your chest and the front side of your shoulders. You’ll also be stretching your back and, depending on your flexibility, your hips.

Butterfly Hold

A personal favorite, the butterfly hold is something everyone has done at some point in their lifetime. Stretching your groin and opening your hips, getting deep into this pose will really get your body relaxed.

Supine Twist

Something not enough people do is really stretch their backs. A good stretch of the back will release a lot of tension that has been built up in your body over the course of the day. The supine twist will release all the tension you may still have left built up.


Yes, this is an exercise that is done when you’re trying to build your glutes, but it is also great for relaxing your body. Be sure to hold the pose to maximize the benefits you can get from it.

Knee to Chest

This is similar to the child’s pose except you are on your back. When you bring your knees to your chest, you will be giving your hamstrings and lower back an amazing stretch. After doing the supine twist, you will be able to get rid of the rest of the tension that may still be in your body.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose brings everything together. If you aren’t relaxed and your mind isn’t at ease by now, this pose will help get you there and make sure you’re ready for a great night of sleeping.

Get the Better Sleep You Need

If you’re struggling with sleeping, all you need is 3 minutes and this yoga sequence to help your body get on the path to a peaceful night’s sleep.

This is designed to get your mind and body relaxed so that you can knock out and stay like that until your alarm goes off. You are going to feel like you’re sleeping like a baby once again. Stress drizzles away while your body is becoming as refreshed as it possibly can.

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