15 Fitness Cheat Sheets to Help You Work out Like a Boss

Workout videos, gym classes, barre studios. All of these are great resources for a workout routine but sometimes you just want to look up a workout and knock it out.

That’s what makes the Internet so awesome as there are a ton of mini-workouts that fit in one image that you can do right at home and we’ve compiled some of the best.

15 Fitness Cheat Sheets to Help You Work out Like a Boss

All of these quick workouts are sure to give you the burn that you are looking for along with helping you lose weight.

1. 15-Minute Jump Rope Workout

quick home workouts

2. How to Greet the Day Like a Yogi

yoga salutation

3. The 60-Second Burst Workout

get summer body at home

4. The Stroller Workout

the stroller workout

5. 15-Minute Abs Workout

15 minute abs workout

6. 3-Minute Arms Workout

quick arms workout

7. Muscle Target Workout

legs workout home

8. Single Kettlebell Workout

single kettlebell workout

9. Elliptical Hills Workout

elliptical workout

10. Ninja Workout

ninja workout

11. Butt & Core Workout

butt and core workout challenge

12. 25-Minute HIIT

hiit workout

13. Plyo Pyramid

plyo home workout

14. Plank Workout

plank workout

15. Beach Body Pilates

beach body pilates