10-Minute Yoga Workout for a Stress and Anxiety Free Day

Unfortunately, stress is something that consumes a lot of us on a daily basis. It breaks down our bodies and can lead to a lot of health issues.

Stress can also lead to a shorter life span. It happens when our mind feels overwhelmed and we get anxious or nervous about the future.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that stress is something that we create ourselves. Nothing really causes us to stress. It’s something that we create in our minds. This is why the following yoga sequence is so beneficial in relieving stress.

Here is the stress relieving sequence:

  • Easy Pose – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Chair Pose – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Standing Forward Bend – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Pigeon Pose (Left) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Pigeon Pose (Right) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Left) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Right) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Headstand – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Corpse Pose – 1 minute

The Poses

These poses will help calm your mind and lower stress levels. Since stress starts in your head, it’s important to try and relax the brain as much as you can.

If you need to know one thing about yoga, remember that it can be one of the greatest stress relievers around.

Easy Pose

This pose is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an easy pose. You aren’t going to have to strain yourself to get into this pose. All you have to do is sit up straight and collect your thoughts.

Your posture will get better because you are forced to elongate your spine and not slouch at all. Fixing your posture can lead to better meditation if that’s something you are looking to get into as well.

This is the perfect way to start your stress relief because, like many of the other poses in this sequence, it is designed to relax the mind.

Chair Pose

With the chair pose, you will get a chance to really feel how your hips and lower back are connected. You will be holding the position that will be a lot of work for your glutes and quads.

This pose should also help you when it comes to your back. You should be able to elongate your spine, thus creating better blood flow that will go to your brain. Better flow to the brain will actually help calm it down.

Standing Forward Bend

This allows the entire backside of your body to get a very good stretch, from head to heel. You will greatly increase the blood flow to your brain, which can help stimulate intelligence.

Whenever you can sitmulate your brain by increasing blood flow, your stress levels will automatically decrease. Better flood flow in any situation will decrease stress in even the most stressed person out there.

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose allows you to get a deep stretch that will help open up your hips and really stretch your glutes.

Going into this pose will allow you to get in some deep breathing. Deep breathing calms the nerves, it calms the mind, and reduces stress.

This pose can allow you to find your center because of how calming it can be while you’re doing it.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

This is great for relieving tension in your back which can lead to a lot of stress. The tension itself may be caused by stress. When you get rid of that tension, stress will decrease as well.


This may seem like one of the more difficult poses to pull off, but with proper technique, it can be done with relative ease. It’s a lot easier than it appears to be.

Like the forward bend, this will get the blood flowing to your head, stimulating your brain, relieving any stress you may have.

It takes concentration to pull this pose off because you need to make sure you have the balance to stay aligned the entire time you are on your head.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose may seem like it will do nothing for you, but it is one that really allows you to relax. It is a pose that should be included towards the end of any yoga sequence you do because it allows everything you have done up to now, to come full circle.

This is the pose that will keep you in a relaxed state and have your mind at complete ease.

Have a Stress Free Day

You only need 10 minutes to either start or end your day without any stress. Do it twice to hopefully keep the stress away for good.

Doing all of these poses will have your mind at ease. Stress is something that we make up in our own minds when we have too much going on up there. Giving yourself the time to relax and free your mind of anything that may be going on in your head will allow you to have the stress free day you’ve been dying to have.