The Shrink Your Belly in 5 Minutes Workout

People love workouts that they can do and get out of the way so they can continue their day without missing a beat. This is especially true for those people that are always on the move throughout the day and may not have much time to sit down and get a full workout in.

The following workout is designed to target your core and help get rid of that little pooch you may have. The best part is that this workout will only take up 5 minutes of your time. You can do it anywhere you go since is requires minimal space and movement.

Here is the workout:

  • Scissors – 1 minute
  • Reverse Crunch – 1 minute
  • Mountain Climbers – 1 minute
  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Cross Body Elbow to Knee Crunch – 30 seconds to the left
  • Cross Body Elbow to Knee Crunch – 30 seconds to the right


The only thing you’ll be cutting with this exercise is body fat. This needs to be done with control, but at a steady pace. When you are able to combine those two, you will get the most out of the exercise. Doing it without any control will just feel like you’re kicking your legs in the air, you won’t be getting much work in your lower abs which is the purpose of this workout.

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Reverse Crunch

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of bringing your chest and upper body up, you move your legs towards your chest. You need to bring your legs as close to your chest as possible to get the most out of this exercise.

Reverse crunches #fitness #exercise

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Mountain Climbers

You can say this exercise is running while in a plank position. A vast majority of the work that is being done is in your lower abdomen. It will seem easy at first, but when you continue to try and push the pace during this exercise, you will feel the burn solely in your lower abs even though you are working other muscles.

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The classic plank. Staying frozen will allow you to get the most out of this exercise. Make sure to not dip your back. You need your back to stay as flat as possible because if you start to have it dip, you will be causing a lot more stress on your lower back, which can lead to lower back injuries.

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Cross Body Elbow to Knee Crunch

Instead of a regular crunch where you are moving straight up and down, this exercise requires you to move diagonally across your body. It allows you to work your obliques and lower abdomen. Movements like this that combine the work of different areas force your body to do more work, burning more fat.

Cross body elbow to knee crunch #fitness #exercise

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Lose the Pooch

Nobody likes having a little pooch out in front of them. We aren’t kangaroos, we don’t need that in our lives. This quick workout will help you drop that stubborn fat that accumulates around your lower abdomen. No matter your schedule, this is a workout that can be done anywhere you go when you have those 5 extra minutes to spare.