Better Booty Time: No Squats Booty Lifting Workout

Who doesn’t want a better butt? Imagine you could get one with no squats.

Men and women would love to have a decent looking butt for everyone to admire. However, not everyone is willing to do wht it takes to get the butt they desire.

Doing squats may be the best possible way to get a round butt, but not everyone prefers to do them. There are a number of different reasons as to why people would rather squats stay out of their workout routines.

This is when you need to start thinking about other exercises that can help you achieve the butt you want.

No Squats Butt Lift

You never have to do another squat in your life if you don’t want to.

The following workout is going to give you a nice butt without the pressure squats may put on your body. Squats can cause knee and back problems, especially if you try to lift too much weight. An injury is almost bound to happen.

Here is the workout:

  • 25 Single leg Hip Raises (Right)
  • 25 Single leg Hip Raises (Left)
  • 45 second Cross Leg Bridge (Left Over Right)
  • 45 second Cross Leg Bridge (Right Over Left)
  • 30 Hip Raises
  • 25 Donkey Kicks (Right)
  • 25 Donkey Kicks (Left)

Single Leg Hip Raise

The single leg hip raise is going to isolate one side of your glutes.

You aren’t putting much strain on your knees during this exercise which is a plus. I know that is a big worry for a lot of people, since many people struggle with knee problems.

There could be a slight problem doing this exercise if you have lower back issues, but there is much less happening with your back during this exercise than with squats.

Cross Leg Bridge Raise

Very similar to the previous exercise, the cross leg bridge raise will also help you isolate one side of your glute at a time.

The difference between this exercise and the single leg hip raise is that you’ll be holding the position for the time you are supposed to.

Holding a position for any amount of time causes the muscle that’s working to work even harder. It tends to bring other muscles into play as well, which helps you establish strength all around your body.

The video below shows bridges, but for purposes of this workout, hold the position instead of raising up and down.

Hip Raises

Hip raises are great for your glutes.

You will be working the entirety of your glutes during this exercise.

It’s just like the single leg hip raise, but you are using both legs simultaneously.

Make sure you hold the position for a couple seconds at the top of this movement so you get even more work in your glutes.

Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks aren’t going to put any stress on your back or your knees.

Your glutes will be getting all the work. You are only working one side at a time so you need to be sure to work both sides.

The video below explains how to maintain the perfect form for this exercise to maximize your results.