7-Day Melt My Muffin Top Challenge

If you’re like most women, the only place you want to see a muffin top is in your favorite corner bakery. Unfortunately, when holiday season indulgences start to spill into spring or summer, you may start to realize that the baked goods section has relocated itself into your full-length mirror. Ready to put that muffin back where it belongs?!

Our 7-Day Melt My Muffin Top Challenge will help you jump start a fitness routine that will get you back into your cutest summer duds while the days are still long.

Equipment Needed: yoga mat or soft surface, one 10 lb plate and one 8-12 lb dumbbell. If you don’t have any of these things that is okay. Don’t let it stop you, but you definitely want to do these on a soft surface. Your driveway doesn’t count.

What to Do: Perform each exercise in your daily email.