Morning Yoga: The 12-Minute Wake-Up Routine to Start Your Day

Morning yoga is something that is very energizing while being relaxing at the same time. Yoga offers you a ton of benefits.

When you first wake up, some of you may feel really groggy and not willing to get out of bed at all. If you are a morning person and don’t have a problem getting out of bed, congratulations, you are slightly crazy in my opinion. You still may not feel as energized as you think you could, though.

That is where this yoga sequence comes into play. This yoga sequence, lasting around 12 minutes, is designed to activate your muscles and truly wake your body up. After doing this yoga workout, you should feel ready to start your day with the energy you need to get you through it.

The 12-Minute Morning Yoga Wake-Up Routine

Here is the routine:

  • Cobra Pose – 60 seconds
  • Forward Fold – 60 seconds
  • Yogi Squat – 30 seconds
  • Triangle Pose – 60 seconds each side
  • Low Lunge Variation – 60 seconds each side
  • Child’s Pose – 90 seconds each side
  • Low Lunge with Twist – 60 seconds each side
  • Forearm Plank – 60 seconds

Cobra Pose

Start with a cobra pose and get this yoga workout started off right.

You will be getting an early stretch for your lower back, getting it ready for the long day. When you first wake up, you are more than likely extremely stiff from laying down all night. The cobra pose will loosen up your back immediately.

You will also be strengthening your arms and shoulders while doing this pose. You are forcing your arms and shoulders to do a lot of work while your other muscles are relaxing.

A firmer butt is on the way while doing this pose as well. It’s difficult to not flex your butt at all when you are doing this pose correctly.

If you are a person that struggles with breathing problems, this pose helps expand your lungs allowing you to more oxygen and breathe easier.

Foward Fold

This can be done standing up or sitting down. For the purposes of this workout, I recommend you do this standing up because you will be able to get deeper into this stretch, especially in the morning when you don’t have all the blood flow you want.

When you are doing the forward fold, you are relieving stress in your neck, spine, and back. Relieving tension in these areas will keep you relaxed and get you in a better state of mind to start the day.

While activating your liver, spleen, and kidneys, the forward fold has also been known to play a role in helping lower blood pressure. This all goes back to getting you into a relaxed state.

Yogi Squat

Increasing your leg strength is crucial when it comes to this pose and that’s what it does. This pose helps increase strength in your legs, hips, groin, and achilles.

You will get relief in your lower back by decreasing the amount of pressure you have on your back. When this pose is done after the previous two poses, your back should be feeling extremely loose and warmed up. The blood flow to your legs and back should be where it needs to be so that you are no longer feeling stiff after stepping out of bed.

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose is something that stretches all the muscles in your legs. It also helps strengthen the joints around your knees and ankles when done properly.

You will be opening up your shoulders while getting a good stretch in your spine, keeping it loose and less susceptible to injuries.

If you happen to be having stomach problems, this will help you with your digestion and possibly aid in the elimination of constipation.

Like most yoga positions, this one relaxes you to the point where every muscle is relaxed, even the ones that are not being used in a specific position.

Low Lunge

A low lunge will open up your hips and relieve a lot of stress you may be having in those areas. While you’re getting a deep stretch in your hips, you will also be strengthening your quads, hamstrings, and groin.

For those with weaker knees or with knee problems in general, this helps strengthen the area around your knees that help keeps you away from serious injuries.

While you are locked into this pose, you will be increasing your mental focus and getting your mind ready for the day along with the rest of your body.

Child’s Pose

This pose really opens up your hips, thighs, and ankles.

You will begin to relieve some stress while extending your lower back as well. This pose is designed to put you in a good state of mind that will put minimal strain on any one part of your body.

Child’s pose massages the muscles in the front of your body while stretching the muscles of your back. When you massage the muscles in your front and stomach, you will more than likely be improving your digestive system while boosting your immune system.

Low Lunge with Twist

There are many similarities between this pose and the lower lunge pose. The only difference is that this pose adds a twist that’ll open up your shoulders and stretch your back. You get all the same benefits of the low lunge with the added benefit of stretching your shoulders and back.

Forearm Plank

This may sound like part of an actual workout, but the plank is great for activating a lot of the muscles in your body. You will be activating your core, every muscle in your arms, and your entire back.

It may not seem as relaxing as the other poses, but the plank is the best way to finish this workout.

Along with all of these muscles being activated, you will help out your posture and improve your balance.

Time to Wake Up

When you are done with this routine, you should feel 100% ready to start your day. You shouldn’t feel sluggish or tired in any way. Your body will be wide awake and in the right state of mind.

Go into the day with a positive attitude and mindset that’ll get you through anything the day has in store for you whether it’s good or bad.