How to Lose Weight Without Exercising or Eating Tons of Kale

Gaining weight when you don’t want to gain weight sucks. You are minding your own business, living life, and all of a sudden your stomach is hanging out over your jeans.

How did that happen?

You didn’t mess with your body so why is it messing with you?

Unfortunately, these things can happen to anybody when you don’t take care of yourself.

But what does taking care of yourself even mean?

To a lot of people, it means hitting the gym and working out for 3 hours every single day. For others, it means never eating an unhealthy carb ever again.

I don’t like the idea of working out. I know it sounds crazy considering I’m writing this on a health and wellness site, but there are a million other things I’d rather do than work out.

Same goes with eating healthy.

I love all foods. I don’t discriminate. I don’t care if it’s a $200 piece of sushi or a $1.25 Twinkie. I will enjoy it.

But I don’t have the same type of metabolism I did as a teenager. I’m also not as active (this site doesn’t write itself).

That means my body has a way of reminding me that it’s no longer the body it used to be without any effort. Now I actually have to be proactive with regards to maintaining a body that I like.

You might be in the same boat. You don’t exercise for a variety of different reasons:

  • You have to work 28 hours a day
  • Your joints are killing you
  • You’d rather read Harry Potter again

Losing weight shouldn’t always involve massive amounts of exercise and thankfully it doesn’t have to. If your goal is to start dropping pounds before you take it to the next level with hot yoga or circuit training, then we are going to show you how to do that without exercising.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

What it comes down to is understanding why your body gains weight. Rarely is it because of a lack of exercise. A lack of exercise is more of a mental thing with most people.

What I mean is that when you exercise that usually triggers you to eat healthier, get more sleep, and in general make better decisions.

These are all things you can do without exercise.

1. Watch the Carbs

eating less carbs to lose weight

This is what gets you. Carbs seem to be everywhere and most people have no problem consuming them. They are in fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, pasta, sodas, and all of the other delicious things you like to consume.

But all carbs are not created equal. Nobody every got fat consuming massive amounts of broccoli.

Carbohydrates are only your friend when you are working out because they provide an extra energy source for your body to burn. If you aren’t working out then your body doesn’t need to burn that energy and it stores it.

When your body isn’t using the glycogen being stored in your body it eventually converts it to fat. That’s right. Fat doesn’t magically appear on your body. It used to be glycogen that your body was ready to burn, but you decided to do a Seinfeld marathon.

If you can avoid bad carbs (processed foods are the #1 killer, those sugars are deadly) then you will be amazed by how much weight you lose by default. If you aren’t consuming foods that get turned into glycogen and then fat, then there is no fat to be produced.

2. Start Intermittent Fasting

It’s crazy what some people think of when it comes to fasting. Fasting simply has a bad rep, but it can work out to be extremely healthy for you.

To start with intermittent fasting you should do a 24-hour fast.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Who doesn’t try to eat for a whole day?! Crazy people!

Actually, it isn’t that bad. If you eat dinner at 6pm then you simply don’t eat again until 6pm on the next day.

It’s a great way to start flushing the toxins out your body, improves brain function, gives you better skin, and of course, helps with weight loss.

3. Eat Like Our Ancestors

How to lose weight without exercising

Our cavemen ancestors understood the importance of consuming protein. It was their main energy source and when they couldn’t find it, they knew they were in trouble.

Have you ever watched a survival show? Crazy people get thrown into the wilderness and are told to survive for X amount of days. They can go the first day or two on water alone, but eventually, they need to go find protein.

So why is protein important?

Besides being a great energy source, protein helps to improve muscle tissue, makes you feel full, and most importantly helps to increase your metabolic rate.

The faster your body can process food, the better off you are going to be.

The problem that many people encounter with protein is that they don’t consume enough of it. Consume more protein than you think you should. If you are having trouble getting into your daily routine, there is only so much cod you can eat, then buy some whey protein and mix it in a drink.

4. Do a Daily Walk

If this is a post is a post on how to lose weight without exercising then why is walking on here? Because nobody should sit on their butt all day.

Get out the house and enjoy life some! Walking on its own won’t do much for you unless you are walking a good distance, but mentally it is refreshing and helps to keep you focused on your weight loss journey.

It has also been shown to help lower cortisol levels.

Besides, you always want to make sure the blood is flowing freely.

5. Eat Those Veggies Like Mom Said

What sucks about living a low-carb lifestyle is that some of those delicious flavors you used to have are no longer available.

That sucks. I have no problem admitting that.

But all is not lost. You simply need to learn some new tricks that will make all of the new foods you are introducing into your world become just as delicious.

It is important to consume a lot of low-carb vegetables. There shouldn’t be a need to go into why vegetables are good for you, but most people (non-vegans) think of vegetables that are great on the side of something else.

Have you ever had cauliflowers mashed potatoes? They are great and don’t use potatoes.

Have you ever had roasted cauliflower?

Zucchini pasta?

Roasted carrots?

Instead of missing all of the bad foods you are putting behind you, enjoy the new journey that you are about to begin. There are thousands of new recipes that you get to explore. How awesome is that?

6. Drink Water Till You’re a Dolphin

Out of all of the things on this list, this one is the hardest for me because drinking water is not in my routine.

I have to constantly remind myself that I need to drink some water because I usually only drink it when I’m thirsty. If you are waiting till then, you have waited too long.

Drinking water helps to keep your body’s system flowing (no pun intended). Water is needed by almost every part of your body to function properly and when it isn’t present things just don’t run as smoothly.

If you are having trouble drinking water then you could always get a one-gallon jug and mark 12 different sections on it. Each of these sections corresponds to an hour of the day. Your goal is to reach each level by that time.

If you are having trouble drinking water just because the taste bores you (I’m right there with you), then you can enhance the water in natural ways. Simply adding a spoonful of lemon to your water has a huge amount of benefits.

Water also provides you with extra energy because your body is running clean. When I used to work a 9-5 I had to drink a ton of water so that I went to the bathroom a lot. This was the only way I could stay awake at my boring job.

Exercise Helps

lose weight without exercise

For one reason or another, you are interested in losing weight without exercising. It should go without saying that adding in some type of workout routine that involves weights and circuit training will accelerate fat loss. However, everything in this article is done by the people that work out in the gym as well so if you follow everything here you are halfway there.

Losing weight is done by understanding what you put in your body and moderating the bad stuff while increasing the good stuff.

If you can manage to do that then you are in good shape to getting the body that you want.