I Ain’t No Instagram Model

The Difference Between Getting a Teeth Whitening Sponsorship and Using Old Floss Is Your Mentality

I love Instagram. It is pretty awesome because it gives you a peek into someone’s world. If you went through mine you would assume my world is female fitness models and people that hold lizards.

Since Elisa follows a number of fitness people somehow they’ve integrated themselves into my feed. Now let me tell you these people have some impressive bodies. You can definitely see the work they’ve put into them. It almost makes me think that I can just go to gym and become like them.

But I ain’t no Instagram model.

They are able to take pictures of themselves and smile. They hit the gym because they know they can take even more pictures, get even more followers, and probably earn more money. Another day in the gym for them provides them with a return on investment that they can see right away.

When I’m at the gym I don’t see any investment. I actually feel like I lose something because it hurts. My body didn’t hurt before I hit the gym and yet now it hurts really bad.

This is where an Instagram model tells me that the pain is a good thing. It means eventually I will start to see the results.

But I ain’t no Instagram model.

I admit there are times I’ll see a fit man and think I want a body like that and I’m going to make it happen. But their motivation is different than mine. They obviously want it more than I do. I say that because they made it happen.

If you really want something you will make it happen.

Can you argue with that statement? How often do we set a goal and fall off the rails? I’ve lost count how many times this happens in my life and I’ve come to the hard realization that some of the things I think I want, I really don’t want enough to make them happen.

If I’m dying to get a six pack then why I am eating Little Debbie snacks for breakfast? If I want to run a 5k then why am I sitting on my ass for 10 hours a day?

Every Instagram model started at the point that I am at now. Something triggered them to make them believe that they need to hit the gym. That they need to get fit.

Everyone has a different trigger that makes them want something bad enough they won’t let anything get in their way.

I haven’t found that trigger yet. I’m not sure if I should be waiting around for one or if I should go out and find it. Either way, I know I don’t have it at the moment. People on Instagram do.

But I ain’t no Instagram model.

I’m not writing this because I want you to believe that you aren’t an Instagram model. I’m sure you have it in you. Being an Instagram model is just a phrase I’m using. I’m not saying you need to get fit so you can push teeth whiteners or protein powder.

I’m saying that Instagram models have a different mentality than you have right now and that’s why they look the way they do.

I want to look good with no clothes on. If you gave me the easy way to change my body to look like an Instagram model I’d probably take it.

And then I would ruin that body like I’ve done this one because I don’t have the mentality of an Instagram model.

Why Do You Have Goals?

It’s important to set goals when you start to work out, but it’s even more important to understand why you are setting those goals. For example, it’s great that you want to be able to do 50 pull-ups, but why do you want to do 50 pull-ups?

If the answer involves anyone, but yourself then you need to try again.

I want to get fit so James finally likes me.

That’s probably not going to work out for you. Instead, you want to get fit so you have the confidence to finally tell James to piss off. He didn’t like you before, he doesn’t get to like you now.

James is an asshole anyways.

One time when I was trying to start working out (again) I told myself I wanted to do so because I wanted to impress my wife with my body. I worked out for a whole month and quit, not because I don’t love my wife, but it’s hard to do something that sucks for somebody else.

Working out sucks. Maybe my mentality will change over time, but as of right now it sucks so doing something that sucks to get to a goal that doesn’t involve me at the core is just wrong.

Why are you doing this for you?

It’s not always the easiest question to answer and I’ve found that you have to dig deeper than the first answer you give. Because I want to look good. That’s great, but that probably isn’t going to push you to get out of bed at 6am and do what needs to be done.

I’m doing this because there is a life that I want to provide for myself, my wife, and my family. Before I didn’t think my health was directly tied to this, but now I see it is. I’m holding myself back due to the decisions I make with my health and I don’t want to hold myself back anymore.

If I’m currently running at 20% I want to get up to 80%. Why not 100%? That seems a tad too stressful. Everybody needs time to relax.

How the Instagram Model Views Life

The Instagram model already answered the question of why they are doing this for themselves and have no moved onto their plan of action. This plan has goals along the way that lets them know if they are hitting their milestones.

These milestones might involve new personal records in the gym or they might involve how you view your body. Notice I didn’t say specific numbers about your body. It’s too easy to get discouraged that you aren’t losing weight (it might be because you’re gaining muscle) or can’t see any difference in your body.

Try looking at that first picture of yourself and compare it to now. There is some change somewhere. Believe me, it’s there. Instagram models notice the changes because they enjoy every little step and that’s how you need to view this journey you are on.

If you continue to look to where the destination is you’ll just end up disappointed. Instead, focus on every single landmark that you pass. Soak it in. Love it because it means that your journey is progressing.

I know this is easier said than done because you want results now. The way I try to picture things is that the results are happening deep, deep down inside at the beginning and they just need a bit of time to reach the surface. I can feel the difference, though. I can do one more pushup than the day before. I don’t feel as winded when I go for a jog.

These are the landmarks that you need to focus on.

So maybe I’m not an Instagram model, but I sure as hell can start thinking like one and that’s not a bad thing.

Now where’s my teeth whitener?

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