7 Fat-Burning Keto Snacks You Can Eat at Night to Lose Weight

I like to snack a lot and so that means I can either snack on stuff that is bad for me or I can snack on foods that will burn fat.

You are the same way.

The problem that many of us have is that we don’t know what are the healthy snacks out there and finding processed snacks in packages is a lot easier.

If only there were fat-burning snacks available to us because the other snacks are the ones that really do the damage.

Unfortunately, the processed snacks are the ones doing the most damaage.

In the long run, is it really worth damaging your body with some junk just because you didn’t want to take the time to prepare a healthy snack?

I’ll answer for you: no.

Here at Thrive/Strive we are big fans of the keto diet. In fact, we have a weight loss program that completely revolves around it.

One of the great things about the ketogenic diet is the amazing recipes that you come up with that not only help you burn fat but also taste great.

Quick Background on the Ketogenic Diet

Before we dive into the snacks I want to provide you with some quick background on the ketogenic diet so you understand the logic behind these snacks.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. The goal of the diet is to get your body into a metabolic state known as ketosis so that instead of burning glucose for energy it burns fat.

This is kind of mind-blowing because you are eating fat to burn fat. It’s important to keep in mind that not all fats are bad and in fact, most of our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of making bread, pasta, or cake.

Once your body becomes keto-adapted, insulin isn’t being produced preventing fat from being released.

7 Healthy Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

The general idea behind these snacks is that some can be eaten quickly (pork rinds) and others you will want to prepare ahead of time.

All of them fit within the keto diet so feel free to go at them with all the vigor you have in you.

1. Deviled Eggs

Let me tell you right now that on Thanksgiving these are the first things that I go for. I could fill myself up with deviled eggs without a problem.

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of making deviled eggs then boiled eggs are just fine.

fat-burning snack: deviled eggs

2. Cottage Cheese-Filled Avocado

I love avocados.

They might be the greatest food in the world. It kind of sucks how quickly they can turn brown but great things don’t last forever.

Mixing an avocado with full-fat cottage cheese can provide you with a great snack loaded with the nutrients that your body needs.

All you need to do is remove the pit from one-half of an avocado and fill the space with 2 oz of cottage cheese.

Mix in some cayenne pepper or regular pepper for some extra spice.

3. Beef Jerky

eat beef jerky to lose weight

When it comes to beef jerky you don’t want to buy anything that you find at the gas station. The problem with that stuff is that it is usually packed with sugar.

Instead, you want to find jerky that is carb-free which can be difficult if you just go down to your grocery store. There are plenty of options that you can find online thankfully.

Right now I’m really enjoying Nick’s Sticks which are made from grass-fed beef. The benefit of grass-fed beef is that it is packed with omega-3 which is a definite plus from a midnight snack.

4. Pork Rinds

eat pork rinds to lose weight

You might think I’m crazy for this one because pork rinds seem to be the epitome of an unhealthy snack. However, when you are on the low-carb fix then pork rinds are awesome!

Most pork rinds contain zero carbs (check for yourself) and have just fat and protein. Perfect for keto and most low-carb diets!

Even better, you can get them in a variety of flavors so you aren’t stuck with just the regular.

If you want to add even more variety then I suggest adding some popcorn seasoning to the mix.

5. Jalapeño Poppers

eat jalapeño poppers to burn fat

Jalepeño poppers used to only be bar food for me but not anymore. I can only eat these every once in a while because sometimes I end up with an extra spicy stash of jalapeños that do wonders on my stomach.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

eat pumpkin seeds to burn fat

Again, don’t just head down to your gas station and pick up a bag. Get the good stuff from Whole Foods or similar. Even better, they can be salted because your body will need the sodium and electrolytes that you lose from low-carb dieting.

7. Salami and Cheese

classic salami and cheese to lose weight and burn fat

Get some slices of salami and your favorite full-dairy cheese and go to town.

You Can Lose Weight While Snacking

Eat less! That’s what many diets try to get you to do and that’s the wrong approach to losing weight.

If you like to eat then you shouldn’t stop yourself from eating. You just need to do a better job of watching what you eat.

All of the snacks listed above are great alternatives to the snacks that you usually eat.

Although I only listed 7 don’t think that there aren’t hundreds. You can combine as many different healthy food alternatives as you want.

That’s the great thing about eating healthy. You aren’t as limited as you think you are.

The most important thing about eating healthy snacks is to make sure you are prepared. If you have these snacks always available then you won’t find yourself caught in a sticky situation between you and the vending machine.

Snacking doesn’t stop just at night. If you are at work and have a bit of a lull in your time there, you’re probably going to want to snack at some point. It’s important to keep eating healthy snacks even when you’re at work.