5 Superior Exercises That Will Burn Belly Fat While Sitting

A lot of us are stuck at a desk and sitting down most of the day. While this isn’t the ideal situation it doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice little mini-workout in.

Sitting down won’t going to help you lose that belly fat. Or will it?

There are exercises out there that can actually help you lose some of that belly fat while you are sitting down. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible with the following exercises.

5 Exercises to Help You Lose Weight While Sitting

We don’t advise that you do these exercises while you are in a meeting but when you have small amounts of free time to kill then go for it.

1. Knee Pulls

These are going to target your lower abs. The faster you do them, the more work your abs will be doing. If you go too slow while doing this exercise, it’s going to just feel like you are stretching your hamstring.

Although it’s nice to get a stretch when you are spending most of your day on your butt, the purpose of this move is to work your abdomen.


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2. Seated Knee Tuck

This move is similar to the knee pull but, in a way, more advanced. By not pulling your knees to you, you are forcing your abs to do more work. You are only moving your legs with this exercise. Your body is learning to balance itself while increasing the strength in your core muscles. This will also shed belly fat in a hurry.


Seated knee tuck #fitness #exercise

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3. Seated Oblique Crunch

This doesn’t necessarily shed fat on your stomach, but it does help get rid of those stubborn love handles. Nobody likes having a muffin top and working your obliques is going to help get rid of them. It’s important to make sure that you have good balance while doing this because it is pretty easy to rock back and forth and fall off the chair.


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4. Sitting Helicopter Rotations

This one may not look like much but it’s great for loosening up your spine while strengthening your core. When you tighten your core while you start rotating, you will be forcing your body to burn that unwanted fat. You will be working your entire abdomen and your obliques during this exercise.


Seated helicopter rotation #fitness #exercise

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5. Seated Cross Toe Touches

Make sure that you keep your arms straight through the entire movement so that you are able to get the full effects of this exercise. You can think of this as a seated crunch with a slight rotation. If you have a bad back, this exercise, like the seated helicopter rotation, will help loosen up your spine which can get very tight when you are sitting for long periods of time.


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Take a Seat, Lose the Fat

Losing belly fat doesn’t always need to a worrisome thing during your fitness journey especially when you have a busy schedule.

You can lose weight while sitting down!

I know you have some free time while you’re at work. You aren’t constantly doing something at your desk. Might as well take full advantage of this free time and improve your health in any way you can.