I’m about to touch on a topic that I normally don’t discuss…MY BIG WHITE ASS!

Period. At all.

Not because I don’t want too, mostly because it’s hard putting yourself out there.

Growing up I was very active and never thought too much about what I was putting into my body. I, however, was very fortunate to have a mother who always made sure I was eating more on the healthy side. So when I graduated from high school only weighing about 102lbs I never thought I would find myself in the position I am in now.

Throughout my college years and into my mid 20’s I packed on a few pounds like most girls, and by a few pounds, I mean 18lbs. This may not seem like a big deal considering I was only 120lbs but on a 5’3 frame 18lbs of fat is unsettling when you’re used to seeing a toned body in the mirror.

At this point, I was ready to make a change! Sadly I was not prepared for
how hard losing a few pounds would be.

See I’m in instant gratification kind of person. When I work hard I want to see immediate results. And when I don’t I get frustrated and disappointed which leads me to wanna give up. Which is what I did from age 25-29. During this time, I would start and give up over and over only becoming more and more unhappy with myself.

See for me, working out didn’t fulfill my need for instant gratification. I want dramatic results and I want them now!

But it’s hard, you have to be consistent and it usually takes 6-8 weeks of consistently working out and eating right to see a difference.

Which by the way is WAY-TOO-LONG!

But then I hit 30 and something clicked. I was ready to put in the hard work to get the results I was dying to see. I started running every day and tried to watch what I was eating. This was working out as I was becoming leaner and started to feel good about how I looked and how my clothes started to fit.

Unfortunately, this all changed when I moved in with my husband. See we lived apart for a little over a year so when we were finally together again we definitely spoiled ourselves by going out…a lot! I sure didn’t mind but my waist line did!

So once again I found myself desperate to change.

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