How to Create Your Own Meditation Space or Room

Ready to start a meditation space? Wise choice.

Most of us would say we have a pretty hectic schedule.

Many more of us may feel a bit overwhelmed at times. We feel like we have no space or time to breathe. Life comes at us quickly and it’s hard to relax at times.

This is where a meditation room can come in handy.

Yes, a meditation room.

You don’t have to be into yoga to be into meditation. I know the two of these get paired together all the time.

I’m not the biggest yoga person (you can probably tell if you saw my flexibility), but meditation is something that I know can be great for anybody since it’s something that helps me out a lot.

For those of you that don’t know, meditation is simply giving yourself time to sit and ponder. It allows your mind to go into a deep state of relaxation and thought.

start a meditation space

If your mind happens to be in a million places at once, meditating can get your mind focused on one thing, more than likely it’ll be the most important task at hand.

One of the best things about meditation is that there is nothing required to actually make it happen. All you need is your mind and the time to get it aligned with your spirit. Yes, there can be something that you can have around you to help you meditate, but just know that nothing is truly necessary to make meditation happen.

If you feel there are too many distractions around you to effectively meditate, it may be a good idea to make your own meditation room.

A meditation room will be able to help you achieve a state of relaxation faster than you would if you were to meditate anywhere else.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I start a meditation room?” This is a great question and luckily for you, Thrive/Strive has the answer.

How to Start a Meditation Space

Starting a meditation room might seem like something that is way out of your budget. If you don’t live in a mansion where will you find the room?

While it is helpful to have as much space as possible, all you really need is some space that is dedicated to meditation. It can be part of your bedroom or living room.

Anybody can make it happen.

Clutter Free Room

Meditation room

When you’re starting to make your own meditation room, the first thing you need to do is make sure it is clutter free. Make sure the room is spotless.

Most of the time when you start meditating, your eyes will be closed. So why do you need a clutter free room? It’s more of a subconscious thing. Your eyes may be closed, but you’ll know that the room is a mess. You already have a lot on your mind, you don’t need a messy room screwing up your time of peace.

The clear room acts as a symbol for a clear mind. Just like how your mind knows when your room is messy, it’ll know when it is completely clutter free when you’re meditating. You’ll be able to meditate better in a clear space.

If you can, make sure this room is one where nothing really happens throughout the day. It would be great if it’s a room that can be solely dedicated to meditation. The less that’s going on in the room, the better.

However, this isn’t a requirement.

When you have less in the room, your mind has fewer random items it can focus on. This helps allow your meditation to be much better.

Allow Nature In

Meditation room

Bring nature into the room.

By this, I mean a small tree or plant that will only add to the room. It should be big enough so you will be able to notice it, but small enough so that it doesn’t consume the room.

Plants seem to somehow bring a sense of calm to any room. Don’t bring in any crazy plants that are hard to maintain and keep alive. Get a plant that is going to be nice to look at each time you meditate, but won’t die within the first couple weeks of buying it.

Keep things simple. There is no need to keep bringing plants into the room. Before you know it, you may have a little jungle or forest in there. One or two plants should be plenty for any meditation room.

Lighting Is Key

Meditation room

You’re going to want a room that is well lit with natural light. You want to have light the second the sun peaks over the horizon until it goes down.

The sun just brings positive energy throughout the day. You don’t realize how beneficial the sun is until you’ve been in an environment where the sun doesn’t shine too often. I know this from personal experience.

Think about it, when it’s summertime, you are begging for the clouds to come and shield the sun, not because you don’t like the sun but because it’s so damn hot.

Now, in the winter time, you want the sun to peak out from behind the clouds because it’ll feel like it’s giving you life. You know the sun isn’t going to warm you up very much in the winter, but it just livens you up in a hurry.

The importance of natural light during meditation shouldn’t be overlooked. It increases your mood almost immediately and it makes meditating that much more relaxing.

Remove Technology

Meditation room

For most people, technology is a distraction. Meditation is a time for you. There is no need to have technology around during a time like this.

A meditation room is designed to get you away from the hectic world you are in to find your center, find peace of mind. This isn’t going to happen when you have technology all around you.

Try to picture how many Monks live their lives. They are at peace of mind and are relaxed almost 100% of the time and a lot of this can be attributed to the lack of technology they have around them.

You don’t want any distractions from the outside world creeping in when you are trying to meditate. Technology is a huge distraction whether you realize it or not. So, it doesn’t need to be in your meditation room, so keep it far away.

Open Space

If possible, make the room as open as possible. I’m not saying it needs to be a huge open space that leads into the backyard, but the more open the room is, the better.

This correlates with the clutter free room that was mentioned earlier. Having an open space will allow your mind to be more open and free.

Your body will sense how free and open everything is around it so you can fall into a deeper state of relaxation.

When all of your senses are in harmony, you can achieve optimal meditation. Having an open space will really allow this to happen. It brings everything full circle and allows your senses to be one.

Appeal to the Five Senses

There are some small things that can be added to your meditation room that can appeal to all of your senses to make your experience that much better.


Getting some kind of meditation statue or symbol of peace is great for any meditation room. It’s an affirmation that the room is a place for peace and serenity.


There are many kinds of bells out there that help signify the beginning and end of your meditation period. There are also other soundtracks that help keep the peace in the room at all times.

Check this bell out to get you started.


Hot tea is a great way to get your body ready for any kind of meditation session.

If you are looking for other kinds of special tea recipes, there are plenty out there that can get you in a relaxed mood.

Try this tea before your meditation to get your body relaxed and in the right state.


Smells can have a powerful effect on the body and mind, especially during a time of meditation. Look for different kinds of incense to help get the mood right before starting your meditation.

If you want some incense to get you started, we have you covered.


Touch isn’t really a significant part of the meditation experience, but there are certain things out there used to help the meditation experience. Meditation beads, for example, help you keep track of your mantra meditations during your time in the room.

A Peaceful Place

Remember that you don’t need to an expert at yoga to meditate and become one with yourself.

Making a meditation room really isn’t a difficult task. Just find your space, make sure you can get natural light in it, and clear it of any clutter.

All you need is your body and mind and you will be able to find the peace you need in an otherwise hectic outside world.