We Aren’t Instagram Fitness Heroes

We Are Normals Trying to Get Better

Together as a Team

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The Lonely Journey

Each of us try to get better every single day. We try to eat better. We try to workout better. We try to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s hard because doing it alone means you have to fight a lot of battles without any support.

That is why we are going to do this together.

We aren’t trying to compete in Bikini contests or get a record Instagram modeling deal. We just want to be better for us and we are going to do that by pushing each other and making sure nobody falls behind.

Welcome to Thrive/Strive.

The Thrive/Strive Crew


Elisa Scrivens

The Wife

Feisty. Beautiful. Tough. Stubborn.


Stephen Scrivens

The Little Brother

Kind. Strong. Lovable. Golden God.


Paul Scrivens

The Husband

Shiny head. Skinny fat. Hilarious.

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